2017 FIM MotoGP World Championship -第8戦TTアッセン。FIM、MOTOGP、Sky Sport MotoGP、ダイジェスト3本立て。


Rossi wins the 2017 #DutchGP – Edit

Assen win number 10????

What a day????

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MotoGP Assen – Gli highlights

Chi ha voglia di tornare a fare qualche giro al TT Circuit Assen?
Tutto il meglio della MotoGP a #GASsen in meno di 3 minuti ????????????????

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Rossi rides into pitlane…

"I race for this feeling" – VR46

Rossi's full reaction to his 10th #DutchGP win???? http://bit.ly/RossiReactsDutchGPWin

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2017, Grand Prix of The Netherlands: Rossi takes the win

What a way to finish the Dutch Grand Prix, in front of a hundred thousand people with their hearts in their mouths! MotoGP Valentino Rossi VR46 Official #MovistarYamaha #MotoGP #DutchGP

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"I race for this feeling"

Rossi's talks us through his incredible 10th #DutchGP win!

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